The city of kings: monumental, intense and hospitable

Among its many other attractions, Lima is also a city of fabulous museums that house gold and silver from the pre-Hispanic cultures of Peru. And beyond its history, Lima is also a city that offers entertainment, fun, hospitality and an incomparable gourmet tradition. In the district of Miraflores, on the shores of the Pacific, amid ocean views and gleaming modernity, stand lavish, avant-garde buildings and impeccable shopping malls. The neighboring district of San Isidro is characterized by beautiful residential areas and its charming tree-studded parks. For its part Barranco, once the favorite bathing resort for the people of Lima, is now renowned for its Bohemian air and republican-style mansions. At the southern end of the bay of Lima, Chorrillos remains to this day a peaceful fishing cove that boasts the best fish and seafood restaurants in the city.




Max 27ºC / 80.6°F

Min 14ºC / 57.2°F

Useful tips:

  • The summer season is from December to March.
  • Visitors should not miss Lima’s Historic Center, which UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site in 1991, in recognition of its unique character and the concentration of 608 historic buildings dating from the Spanish colonial period.
  • Lima also offers visitors many excellent bars, all of which serve Peru’s national drink, the Pisco Sour cocktail. Recommended bars include the Hotel Country Club, Hotel Maury, Huaringas and Queirolo.
  • The religious celebration in honor of the Lord of the Miracles is celebrated during the second half of October. This celebration brings together the largest number of Catholic faithful of any festivity in South America.
  • Those who decide to shop in Miraflores will find an excellent selection of the goods on offer in the rest of the country.