Archaeological discoveries and peaceful wildlife refuges 

While Chiclayo is known for the hospitality of its people, the most extraordinary attraction of this part of northern Peru is what has been discovered in the surrounding desert: ancestral sacred pyramids stand as testimony to the great political and cultural development of the ancient Mochica culture. The Pacific coast of this region is beautiful and fascinating. At the attractive resorts of Pimentel and Santa Rosa, where local people fish using traditional totora reed rafts, older generations still tell stories of a great civilization that arrived thousands of years ago from the sea.  



Max 31ºC / 87.8°F

Min 15ºC / 59°F

Useful tips:

  • The summer season is from November to April.
  • There are regular flights to Chiclayo from the city of Lima (1 hour) and overland the city can be reached from Lima via the northbound Pan-American Highway (10 to 13 hours).
  • Just a few minutes from Chiclayo there are three of the most modern and interesting museums in Peru: Royal Tombs of Sipan, National Museum of Sican and the Brüning Museum.
  • The forest of Chaparri is home to deer, spectacled bears, ocelots and fascinating ancient rock paintings, while the ancient carob forest of Pomac shelters the astonishing archaeological remains of the Sican culture.
  • Visitors should try the traditional «King Kong». Filled with «manjarblanco», this dessert is a majestic combination of sweet and subtly bitter flavors.