Charming villages below Peru’s highest peaks 

The views from the city of Huaraz, at 10 013 feet / 3 052 meters above sea level, are incomparable. The capital of Ancash is surrounded by the splendor of the mountains of the Cordillera Blanca, at the base of which emerges the Callejon de Huaylas, with its picturesque and welcoming rural communities. The greatest of the major peaks is Mount Huascaran, which at 22 204 feet / 6 768 meters is the highest mountain in Peru, captivating visitors and locals alike with its towering beauty. But visitors need not stray too far from Huaraz to enjoy sights like the splendid valley formed by the Santa River, or to experience the kindness and hospitality of the villagers of Carhuaz, Yungay and Caraz.



Max 27ºC / 80.6°F

Min 3ºC / 37.4°F

Useful tips:

  • The rainy season is from December to March.
  • Huaraz can be reached via daily flights from the city of Lima, arriving at the Anta-Carhuaz airport (1 hour), and by road from Lima (7 hours).
  • Huascaran National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, is home to 663 glaciers, 296 lakes, 41 rivers and 33 archaeological sites.
  • And those in search of history should make their way to Chavin de Huantar. Declared a World Heritage Site, this stone temple complex is famous for its carved stone heads and the magical Lanzon obelisk.
  • An annual mountain climbing week is organized in May or June in Callejon de Huaylas, with sporting activities including skiing, paragliding, canoeing and mountain biking, as well as cultural and gastronomic events.