Land of waterfalls, palm trees and enchanted lakes 

Tarapoto is surrounded by an astonishing array of natural wonders. But when one talks about the many attractions of Tarapoto it is impossible not to mention its people; they are welcoming, outgoing and have a great sense of humor. From the vendors of exotic fruits in the local market to the drivers of the motorcycle taxis that race around the city in huge numbers, friendliness and hospitality are the defining aspects of Tarapoto.



Max 34ºC / 93.2°F

Min 19ºC / 66.2°F

Useful tips:

  • The rainy season is from December to March.
  • Tarapoto can be reached via regular flights from the city of Lima (1 hour) and from Iquitos (45 minutes).
  • The Ahuashiyaku waterfall, just 30 minutes by car followed by a 15-minute walk from the city, is a 130 feet / 40 meter high cascade that tumbles from La Escalera Hill (at 1 525 feet / 465 meters above sea level). In the vegetation around the falls it is possible to spot an enormous variety of butterflies, birds and insects.
  • The village of Lamas, just a 30-minute drive away, is well-known for its Waycu neighborhood, where Quechua is spoken and the houses have no windows so that spirits cannot enter. Here villagers, particularly the women, continue to dress in elegant and sophisticated traditional clothing.
  • Laguna Azul [Blue Lake] is a 115 feet / 35 meter deep lake covering an area of 865 acres / 350 hectares, providing the ideal habitat for herons, kingfishers, Muscovy ducks and eagles, as well as several species of amphibians, reptiles and fish.