Llachon 2 Days/ 1 Night

On our way to the village of Llachon you will be able to observe the beautiful landscapes of Puno’s high plains. The family that will receive you as a guest will prepare your meals using local produce (quinoa, trout, potatoes, etc). During this shared experience you will offered the chance to participate in daily activities: work in the fields, handcrafts, and even traditional dances. There will be time for walks in the surrounding countryside to observe native flora and fauna, and to enjoy a magnificent sunset over the lake. Kayaking trips can also be arranged on Lake Titicaca. The next day you will visit the traditional community on Taquile Island and experience the unique way of life of the inhabitants of the Uros Islands, who are descended from one of the oldest cultures in the Americas.


You will leave Puno in private transport and head for the Capachica peninsula, the community of Llachon. This is an approximately two-hour road trip, and during this time you will be able to observe the beautiful scenery of the high plains of Puno. Upon our arrival, you will be met by the members of a family, who will have prepared the rustic rooms where you will spend the night. The family will be happy to demonstrate their farming activities, as well as delighting us with a presentation of their handcraft tradition, followed by a couple of typical dances. Lunch will be prepared by the family from locally sourced products such as quinoa, trout, potatoes and ulluco. In the afternoon, you will take a walk in the surrounding area and nearby Apus (sacred hills), where you will be able to observe local flora and fauna, before enjoying a beautiful sunset with a fine view of the Sacred Lake of the Incas. You will then go back down to the house of the family, with whom you will share an evening meal before getting a good night’s sleep.


After breakfast you will leave by private launch for Taquile Island, a journey of approximately 1 hour. Arriving at the island, you will visit the village and take lunch in a local restaurant. You will then go back down to the port and board our launch, which will take you to the Uros Islands, a two-and-a-half hour boat ride. At the floating Uros Islands you will find island homes made from local totora reeds and covered with thick layers of dry totora reeds which are replaced every three months. The Uros Islands are one of the region’s main attractions. After plenty of time to enjoy the islands, you will board our launch once more for the return trip to the city of Puno (30 minutes).